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How To Prepare Your Halibut For Cooking

After you have made the Roy’s Deep Fry Batter Recipe you are ready to begin preparing and cooking your Halibut. 1. Select the piece of fish that you want to prepare.
2. Put knife about a 1/4 inch from the end slice down to skin, if your right handed, angle it on a downward slope pull with your left hand and slice gently not to hard as you want to cut the flesh away but not go through the skin. It takes a bit of practice but you will soon get the feel of it.
3. Now you have a nice piece of fresh halibut skinned and ready for slicing. I prefer to use about 1 inch pieces but you can use whatever size you like. Slice on an angle making the pieces wide as you can for easier battering.
4. The piece of fish in the batter.
5. When placing fish into oil go slowly and move it around in oil. Just don’t drop it in as it will stick to the basket. Once you have it “glazed” continue cooking for about 3 mins as to seal it.
6. Just partially cook all that you have and put aside for when you’re ready to serve.
7.  When you’re ready to serve, put the fish back into fryer to completely finish off the cooking process. They will turn to a nice golden brown in very little time. Enjoy! Roy Carver Blue Wolf Charters
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