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Charter Details

March to May (Halibut Fishing) From March until May, Halibut fishing is at it's best off the Victoria Waterfront in areas such as Constance, Border & Coyote Banks, and the nearby waters of Oak Bay. The Pacific Halibut range in size from 20 pounds to 200+ pounds. Enjoy the thrill of pulling one of these monsters into the boat. Your charter will start at 6:00am as the Blue Wolf leaves Peddar Bay Marina and we travel to prime fishing holes where Halibut have been caught on previous charters. Upon arriving back at the dock, Roy will clean your catch any way you like and then bag it for your trip home. June to September (Chinook 'King' Fishing) When it comes to fishing, the pride of Vancouver Island for catching Chinook is the world renowned area from Sooke to Port Renfrew. Chinooks are caught throughout the year but the summer season offers abundant catches of large Chinook Salmon in this area. Chinook Salmon generally weigh 15 to 30 pounds, although fish up to 60+ pounds are caught every year. In the summer months, anglers hunt for the ultimate prize, Chinooks over 30 pounds that are known as Tyee Salmon. August to November (Coho 'Silver' Fishing) During the late summer and into fall on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, anglers target Coho Salmon. At this time of year the fish are ready to spawn and generally weigh 10 to 20 pounds, although fish up to 30 pounds are caught occasionally. Getting a Coho on the line is usually action packed as they are very aggressive feeders. November to March (Winter Spring Fishing) Fishing during the winter months is excellent for catching Winter Springs (feeder King Chinooks). These fish weigh up to 20 lbs. and are smaller than the summer Chinooks but put up a great fight. The best fishing grounds are the Victoria Waterfront, Constance Bank, Pedder Bay, Whirl Bay, and Becher Bay. Blue Wolf Rates Below are the prices for the whole boat rate which includes: The BLUE WOLF, your guide Roy Carver, all tackle, bait, and gear. This includes 1 to 4 people. Not per person. Salmon Fishing Only (Sooke Summer Time) from Salty Towers 1/2 Day (5 hours) $600.00 Full day (8 to 10 hours)$ 900.00 Halibut & Salmon Fishing (Victoria Spring Time) from Peddar Bay Marina 1/2 Day (5 hours) $600.00 Full day (8 to 10 hours) $ 900.00 A credit card number must be given at the time of booking your charter. Your credit card will only be charged in the event of a cancellation of your reservation. Payment for the charter must be paid by either cash or travelers cheque at the end of the charter or by Visa / Mastercard but a 5% administration fee will be applied to a credit card payment. No refunds will be forwarded if cancellation is within 21 days of charter date. Cancellation Fee for Halibut Charters is 100%
General Information
Full day charters may last 8-10 hours depending on fishing and sea conditions. All charters include bait, fishing gear, safety equipment, fish bags and expert fish care, cleaned and filleted as you like. If a fishing trip is modified or canceled due to unsafe sea conditions, a price reduction will be made. Vacuum sealing and flash freezing of your catch is also available. What to bring? Shorts are ok on board but even on a hot summer day, the cool ocean winds or fog can roll in so please bring a pair of pants. A light warm coat is also a good idea if you happen to be playing a fish in the rain. Just in case it gets sunny, bring your sunglasses. The scenery and fishing action is second to none so don't forget your camera! Food is up to the guest to bring. Please pack enough food and your favorite beverage for the length of your trip. NO BANANAS allowed on board the Blue Wolf. I have pop, bottled water, and sunscreen on board for you. If you have a large cooler, bring it and leave it in your vehicle to keep your catch fresh and keep your vehicle from smelling like fish.
YOU MUST have a paper copy of licence on you before going fishing! License Fees                   All fees include taxes
If an angler wishes to catch and retain salmon, a Salmon Conservation Stamp must be affixed to the license prior to fishing.