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Pan Seared Halibut / Salmon

Serves 2-4 Marinade 1 1/2 cup White Wine 3 tbsp Lemon Juice 3 tbsp Garlic Approx. 2 tbsp Dill, Cilantro, or any Herb you prefer Salt & Pepper   Sauce ¾ cup of Cream (or milk) I prefer cream 2 tbsp butter S&P Sugar or Splenda   Method Cut Halibut into the thickness of the fish to width for even cooking the pieces in photo were about 1 ¼  thick. season Halibut with Salt & Pepper turn your oven on to min setting (170F). Mix up marinade place all the halibut chunks into a bowl. Let sit for min 2 hours. Pan sear halibut (save marinade) on med/high heat with olive oil in pan about 5 to 7 mins a side (DO NOT OVER COOK) you want the halibut seared but not cooked all the way thru , now place on a heavy oven sheet and put in oven to finish off cooking while you make the Sauce. Now place the rest of the marinade in fry pan and de-glaze the pan turn pan up a bit more as you want to cook out the wine. Add the cream and butter and reduce the “sauce” down it will get thicker and thicker in about 5 mins. Stirring with a spatula.   When its almost done now is the time to taste the sauce, WARN you now its going to be a bit of a strong citrus flavor with the lemon and the wine to sweeten add a tsp of sugar (more if you want it sweeter) and cook and a pinch of salt and pepper, this sauce is an accompaniment so you want a BOLD flavor as the fish will accept it beautifully. Plate your halibut and add your sauce on top with your favorite Veggies we had asparagus and a Kale and cranberry salad in the photos. Now enjoy and drink the rest of the wine….. Roy Carver Blue Wolf Charters
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